Why is it important for a brand to be present on social media. 

When we think of social media in the business world, the first word that comes to mind is relationship. The digital evolution of the last decade has allowed brands to build stronger and more continuous ties with their customers and prospects. Connecting with your target audience has become vital to any business and today, the best way to do it is through social networking, which allows you to not only enter the market but also maintain an ongoing dialogue with your clientele.

According to the Statistica portal (http://bit.ly/2uKE55Y), the global number of smartphone users already exceeds 2.5 billion, or almost a third of the world’s population. Understanding that people have followed this digital evolution and adopted this lifestyle, presence in social media means being a few clicks away from your client.

This change significantly affected what was known about marketing and advertising in the social pre-age era. While brands spent millions on 30-second commercials and fought a place on prime-time television, today these same brands are much more present in the lives of their consumers, considering that the overall average daily time spent on social networks in 2017 was 135 minutes, still according to the site Statistica (http://bit.ly/2LjIIP4).

In order to highlight the competition, therefore, it is not enough just to have more money to invest in advertising, but to have relevance and good content and it is in this context that the efforts of marketing and communications professionals have changed their focus and become even more important in the development of a brand and / or product.

If the keyword in social meida is relationship, it is important to understand what precedes it, the planning. Defining company goals and identifying your target audience and how it behaves on social media is just the kickoff of a strategic digital plan. From there, it is necessary to understand the functioning of the different networks, to select the most appropriate ones for each case and to keep in mind that each of them has its own language, which makes the adaptation of the content one step further.

In addition, social networks brought with them new professions, such as bloggers, youtubers and digital influencers. According to the website Penna Powers (http://bit.ly/2JTguEW), the person responsible for the channel FunToys Collector Disney Toys Review, that has more than 10 million registered on YouTube, in 2014, invoiced more than 4 million dollars testing Disney toys.

This example shows that consumer behavior has changed, it has more tools to search for information about a particular product or service before consuming it. That why online presence is fundamental not only for the development of branding of the company, but also to understand in a much more intimate way what pleases or not its customers and prospects.

The sense of immediacy and the complexity of having relevance between many profiles in social media, competing for the attention of the same target audience requires the intervention of a professional dedicated to this work, including for micro and small businesses. Whether through an internal team or a specialized agency, the digital branding management is based on metrics and KPIs that will analyze the strategies put in practice and allow them to be refined, in addition to identifying new opportunities.      


Beatriz Clemente
President & Co-founder