What can the press relations do for your brand?

Press relations can be defined as an intermediary tool between an organization and the media. Its main mission is to make its client recognized as an authority in its segment, to add value to the business, to boost the operation’s growth and to promote and strengthen the client’s relationship with its target audience. Through the generation 

The work of the press relations professional must be continuous, in order to positively impact the image of the brand and to permanently strengthen the relationship with journalists and others stakeholders interested in what the company has to offer, both through its products and services and from an institutional and social point of view.

Having a good relationship with the press opens up space for the company to position itself in the market and become a reference and reliable source of information within its industry.

As such, advisory services have the power to assist prospecting clients as consumers tend to opt for companies that have high credibility and good reputation. The relationship with journalists is fundamental to the construction of a solid image, even more so considering that the consumer still relies heavily on what he reads or sees in the media to make a decision related to the product he wants.

In addition, the press relations is also an important pillar of the company in crisis management, either avoiding the disclosure of negative information or writing clarification notes that control a situation that could harm the image of the organization.

Like the marketing professional, the press officer is responsible for developing a strategic communication plan, aimed at creating and / or maintaining the image of the organization before the public, reaching other audiences of interest to the organization and, therefore, the final public, as well, unlike social media management, which aims mainly to strengthen relations with the final public.

As much as there is a communication strategy behind it, in the ideal world of the press advisor, generating spontaneous media for your client is the main goal. Spontaneous media happen when a company and / or its spokesperson is summoned in a communication vehicle without having invested in advertisements or barter with the journalist or a vehicle that quoted him.

To do this, the advisor produces press releases, articles, suggests guidelines for his clients, in addition to scheduling interviews and seeking a relationship between daily facts and his client, in this way the content produced is relevant and interesting, disseminated and shared in an organic manner for all its stakeholders.

 Press releases are informative journalistic texts that present the intentions and achievements of the companies, but without having an advertisement character, and can also help the organizations’ spokespeople prepare for interviews through media training, as well as collect and analyze all information about the organization shared in the vehicles.

The suggestion of guidelines complements the press release, because while one has the function of presenting the company or informing about a novelty, the guidelines have a greater social context, contributing to the resolution of a problem and presenting perspectives of experts on certain subjects that affect directly to the general public.

In order to keep up with the changes that occur daily in the communication world, mainly due to technological and digital evolution, more and more business leaders feel the need to be present in the media, either to stand out from the competition or to establish themselves as a reference in the market. This is the job of the press relations: do well to ensure the success of your brand. 


Beatriz Clemente
President & Co-founder