Our Services

Your needs

  • Build / Enhance your relevance online and offline.
  • Strengthen relationships with stakeholders.
  • Reach prospects through different channels.
  • Promote your knowledge in your areas of competence.

Our values

  • Knowledge of the Brazilian and French markets.
  • Mastery of tools for content management and press relations.
  • Personalized management and contact with suppliers and local professionals.
  • Knowledge of language, cultural references, habits and lifestyle between France and Brazil.

Your benefits

  • Develop / Reassure your reputation in the media.
  • Improve your institutional image in a personalized way for different audiences.
  • Develop your client portfolio.
  • Motivate yourself and get involved in developing your reputation..

Our mission

  • Create and consolidate your image.
  • Establish more confidence and closer relationship between your company and your audience.
  • Analyze market opportunities for growth.
  • Shorten the distance between audiences of different nationalities and cultures.


17-21 Street Saint Fiacre
75002 – Paris – França

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