Digital marketing trends for 2019.

The digital market has evolved in the last decade at a record pace. Each year, new technologies are presented and existing ones are improved. Within marketing, the situation is no different.

Just under two months to close the year 2018, the main trends for the coming year are presented and analyzed by market professionals who do not want to miss the timing of the news.

Before presenting what is coming, it is worth highlighting the great advances that have taken place this year. Among the professionals in the area, Inbound Marketing was the highlight. The strategy of creating content to convert sales was adopted by companies and businesses of all sizes in different sectors.

Linked to Inbound Marketing, the explosion of updates and news on social networks, allowed an even greater engagement between brands, personalities and users. This also justifies the appreciation of digital influencers.

The personalized and automated service, either via e-mail marketing, Chatbot or by the social networks themselves also helped in the approach between brands and consumers, mainly in more competitive sectors in which the level of exigency of the client increased.

Finally, streaming services such as Spotify and Netflix or even the live functions on social networks also stood out in 2018, mainly because it allows the user to consume that content as and when they want.

By 2019, all the above mentioned highlights will continue to be of great importance and part of the strategic plans of the companies. It is unimaginable, at first, to discontinue these actions, but it is possible to complement them with the new trends that promise to warm the market and improve the experience of purchase and consumption.

1) Videos and Podcasts are two big bets, because they enable people to consume information and content while doing something else, optimizing time. The search for more dynamic, concise and objective content with experts is the main reason for this type of audiovisual production to gain even more space in 2019.

2) Virtual reality is focused on generating new experiences and it mainly attracts the consumer who is looking for an experience that comes close to the reality of their day to day life. It can be a big differential at the time of buying decision, for example.

3) Accompanying this demand for a more unique and personalized communication, CRM platforms (Customer Relationship Management) tend to improve and deepen even more in the collection and storage of customer data. Efforts in this area facilitate the development of all the strategies mentioned above.

4) Programmatic advertising will gain even more space in 2019. That is, negotiation between an advertiser and a publisher is no longer mediated by one person, everything is done online, in an automated way. In addition, in advertising space is no longer purchased based on the audience projection, it is purchased based on the audience profile.

In addition to the four highlights above, other strategies that already bring satisfactory results or that still have some resistance from the consumer will continue to evolve, such as SEO, which achieved record interest this year or voice search marketing, once that the consumer complies, still slowly, the technology of voice recognition and voice search.

The most important thing when designing a brand / company strategic plan is to look at the options that talk more effectively to both the target audience and the company goals. Seeking the help of a consultant and having a project manager becomes increasingly necessary for marketing efforts to be focused, constantly reviewed and optimized, and above all, to deliver results on time.

Beatriz Clemente
President & Co-founder