Brazilians open communication agency in Paris in full expansion of innovation and entrepreneurship.

More than 16 million tourists pass through Paris every year to taste wines and cheeses, visit the museums and see the luxury designer windows. But what few know is that the French capital is on its way to becoming one of the world’s leading entrepreneurship capitals.

With more than 300 accelerated startups in 2017 and a combined turnover of 145 million euros, Paris becomes one of the leading European cities focused on entrepreneurship, and it is in this context that the French-Brazilian agency TwoB Concept opens its doors.

In Paris for three years now, Beatriz Clemente, President and Co-founder of the company, holds a degree in Social Communication from ESPM – SP (School of Advertising and Marketing) and a postgraduate degree in Political and Social Sciences with specialization in Media and Globalization at the Paris II Panthéon-Assas University.

“I have seen a change in the job market since I arrived in France, I saw a greater opening for young entrepreneurs, and began to meet with French and foreigners who were following this same path to evolve professionally. TwoB Concept came out in one of these conversations and after 8 months of research and planning, I was able to put my plan in motion together with my partner. “(Beatriz Clemente, President and Co-Founder).

Also graduated from ESPM-SP, Beatriz Giafarov, vice-president and Co-founder, holds a specialization degree in Fashion Business from the Marangoni Institute (Paris). “My plan was to study and work with fashion in Paris, but what I’ve discovered over the past two years is that Paris is a cosmopolitan city that allows young people to explore their multipotentiality. With so much incentive to undertake, I realized that I could work with communication, fashion and still improve myself in other areas of interest. “(Beatriz Giafarov, Vice President and Co-Founder).

In order to meet the demands of Brazilian and French companies present in one or both countries, TwoB Concept focuses its services to companies of all sizes, in the sectors of fashion, gastronomy, tourism, culture and entertainment. In a co-working space, dividing the corridors with other startups, in the Opéra neighborhood, in the heart of Paris, enterprising spirit, collectivity and creativity are the fuel of this pair of young people who have chosen to face the challenges of managing their own business in another country.



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